About the programme

About the programme

We implement the programme “The power of flavour, vitamins and colours – enjoy the quality of European apples”, whose main goal is to promote European apples in the UAE market. Due to the re-export characteristics of the UAE market, the programme enables indirect access to other markets, e.g. India and China, where the import volume of fresh products is growing every year.

Goals of the programme

The basic goal of the programme is to increase the competitiveness and consumption of European apples in the UAE. The programme focuses on activities that aim at making European apples more visible and increasing their share in the food market of the UAE. There are four basic fields of the programme activities to be performed:

  • to increase the competitiveness and consumption of farm and food products from the EU and to make them more visible in the markets inside and outside the EU;
  • to raise the awareness of the quality of EU systems and products and make them more recognizable;
  • to increase a share of EU farm and food products in markets outside the EU;
  • to promote apples from the EU.

Beside these basic goals, the programme also includes more detailed activities which are divided into two groups:

  • Economic goal
  • Increasing the export value of European apples to the UAE. In order to achieve this goal, the current distribution channels need to be expanded, the consumers need to be induced to buy European apples more often and new business partners need to be found.
  • Information goal
  • Increasing the awareness of the target group in the scope of European apples. The campaign focuses on providing information about the taste properties and nutrition values of European apples, as well as methods of production, European quality standards and, thereby, the safety of European fruits. The campaign also underlines the diversity of European apples. The wide selection of flavours, colours, crunch or juiciness makes it possible for everyone to pick the most suitable apple variety.

The programme and direct actions are focused on two areas: B2B and B2C. The B2B and B2C campaign activities will be divided as follows: 65%:35%. The implementation of the campaign has been divided into stages in which numerous promotion activities will be undertaken.

The B2C campaign includes PR activities, advertising activities in the press, outdoor advertising, strong presence in social media, interesting events and happenings.

The basic tool of B2B activities are direct meetings with potential business partners and participation in the largest trade fairs in the region.

Project beneficiaries

THE FRUIT UNION is currently the largest Polish association acting to support domestic fruit and vegetable producers and distributors. We base our activities on the social commitment of the members of our organisation and we constantly strive to improve export conditions. We contribute to improving the position of Polish exporters on foreign markets and carry out various activities to promote the high-quality and unique-tasting Polish food.

The goals of our Association:

  • Promoting healthy, natural Polish food, both on the national and international market
  • Creating transparent and uniform rules concerning the export of food products of plant origin
  • Quickly responding to difficult situations that often emerge in the rapidly-developing export sector and providing assistance in solving the problems faced by this industry
    Providing up-to-date information on industry trends, product prices and market developments
  • Working with public institutions and business organisations to resolve formal issues that determine certification rules
  • Monitoring nefarious economic and commercial practices and taking action to eliminate them
  • Supervising compliance with free competition principles
  • Promoting business ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles
  • Conducting awareness, consulting and publishing activities
  • Promoting modern quality standards
  • Building a strong structure for our association

Association of Polish Fruit Growers

The Association of Polish Fruit Growers (APFG) was founded through an initiative of fruit growers of the Grójec region in May 1999. At that time, its name was “The Association of The Mazowsze Region Fruit-Growers in Grójec”. The association adopted its current name in January 2002. The Association is an apolitical, voluntary, self-governing and non-profit entity, which acts in the best interest of fruit growers.

Goals and tasks of the Association of Polish Fruit Growers 

  • representing the needs and interests of professional fruit growers,
  • providing consulting services regarding fruit production,
  • shaping opinions and assessments on fruit production processes,
  • providing opinions and assessments on matters related to fruit growers,
  • organising peer life and peer self-help actions.