Herring salad with apples

Herring salad with apples


  • 400 g herring fillet,
  • 200 g apple,
  • 50 g red onion,
  • 50 g pickled cucumber,
  • 100 g boiled potato,
  • 100 g hard boiled egg,
  • 100 g heavy sour cream,
  • 25 g spicy mustard,
  • to seasoning: pepper, sugar, chopped dill, lemon juice


Rinse and dry the herring. Cube it and add mustard. Cut peeled potatoes and eggs into thick cubes. Cut onion into smaller cubes. Peel the apples and cut them similarly to the potatoes, then sprinkle it with lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients and add cream. Season it with pepper, dill and sugar. Leave it in fridge for 4 hours minimum. Serve it with toasts.

The recipe was prepared by the Chef, Szymon Szlendak.