Varieties of European apples

It is time to go on a journey through unusual varieties of European apples. During the journey You will find several interesting stops, where You will experience the varieties of apples, their properties, taste, colour. You will find out when they ripen and when they are harvested, what apples are worth reaching in a given month. Here we go!


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Red Jonaprince

Large and very large fruits with a very deep, red colour. The skin is smooth and strongly shiny. The fruits are very aromatic with a sweet-sour taste. They ripen in the second half of September. Red Jonaprice is an ideal export variety due to its good storage properties.

Golden Delicious

A variety of medium-sized apples with greenish-yellow, slightly russeting skin. This is one of the tastiest dessert varieties with a sweet, juicy flesh. Perfect for children. Fruits ripen for harvesting in the second half of October. In an ordinary refrigerator they can be stored until the end of February and in a refrigerator with a controlled atmosphere until the end of June.


Medium-sized apples with a conical shape. The yellow-red skin is smooth and slightly shiny. Gala is characterized by a creamy, delicate and crunchy flesh with a sweet taste. The fruits reach harvesting ripeness at the turn of September and October. The most popular sports: Royal Gala, Gala Must, Gala Schnico, Gala Schniga, Gala Schnico Red, Gala Natali.


The fruits of this variety are of medium size, have a thick, shiny, green skin covered with a red, blurred blush. The flesh of this variety is juicy and slightly sour. This is a late-winter variety – the fruits ripen for harvesting in October. In a refrigerator with a controlled atmosphere they can be stored until the end of June. The most popular sports: Najdared

Red Chief

A variety of medium and large fruits with a shiny and hard skin. Very dark colour, crimson, 100% dyed. The flesh is sweet and crunchy, dense. Extremely aromatic. Ripens for harvesting in mid-October. The fruits of this variety can be stored until the end of June. The most popular sports: Red chief, red early, camspur.


Large and very large fruits. Smooth, dark red, deep-coloured skin. Apples have honey and sweet-sour taste at the same time. The fruits are large, stained in red, with a crisp, juicy flesh. Ready for harvest at the end of September. They can be stored in a refrigerator with controlled atmosphere till June.